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All KSI wood finishes are formulated and mixed exclusively by us to enhance the natural beauty of each individual wood specie. Wood samples are prepared on the same carefully selected A-1 veneers we use in the manufacturing process of our furniture.   Since wood is a natural product, variations will naturally occur in veneer, texture, grain and color of each piece of wood.  Many wood species are photosensitive and will naturally darken over time.

Finished pieces that you receive will vary in tone, sheen, grain, porosity, or character from the sample images shown on this page. Your color monitor and/or printer may also affect the color balance of these images. Due to these variations, no guarantee can made of exact match.

We will be happy to supply you with physical wood samples upon request. This will allow you to see the actual wood species in your environment and lighting conditions.  Incandescent, florescent, daylight, halogen, etc. will affect how you perceive the color of the wood samples and finished product.

We also offer the option of custom coloring matching of all wood species to your existing environment.  KSI requires a physical wood sample for this option.  Call us directly for more information on this option.


Wood Samples

 KSI Premier Line™ Laminate Finish Options

Laminate Samples

KSI Presentation Furniture may be ordered finished in high pressure laminates.  Hundreds of choices are available including those from the manufactures shown here.

You can select solid color, patterns or real metals either singularly of in combination.  We are here to assist you in making your selection and will assure compatibility of materials and provide a price and delivery quote.