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KSI Professional Loudspeaker Systems
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who uses KSI loudspeakers?

A: KSI Loudspeakers are successfully installed in retail, corporate, government and university environments.  Tens of thousands of our 2×2 ceiling, wall mount and near field loudspeakers are used on a daily basis to enhance our customers audio experience.

Q: Why should I use KSI Loudspeakers?

A: KSI began manufacturing professional loudspeakers in 1981 for the demanding sound reinforcement market.  We have many years of experience in designing sturdy, reliable and acoustically accurate loudspeakers.  Our current product lineup focuses on providing quality professional loudspeakers at competitive prices for the audio-visual industry.

Q: Can I purchase KSI Loudspeakers with fire retardant back boxes?

A: YES!   KSI CS-FR, CSD-FR and WMBB-FR series loudspeakers are fabricated with back boxes manufactured from Class 1 fire rated Duraflake FR.

Q: How many KSI loudspeakers do I need for my room?
A: That depends on the room size and intended application. We will assist you in selecting the proper model and number required for your particular installation.

Q: The other speaker company says I only need two speakers because they have 180 degree dispersion.  How do you determine the quantity of KSI loudspeakers required?
A: Dispersion is only one factor when determining the quantity of loudspeakers required. KSI loudspeakers have even and well controlled dispersion; however, we also take into account the sound pressure levels required, available power, room parameters, application, and above all SOUND QUALITY. Just as you would not place one “A” light bulb in a room, you certainly would not place one loudspeaker in the same room.

Q: KSI loudspeakers are sturdily built for exceptional acoustical performance.   Will a 2×2 grid ceiling support a loudspeaker that weighs 25 lbs.?
A: Absolutely Yes! KSI loudspeakers are manufactured to very high standards to give you the best sound quality at any price. They don’t weigh any more than the high quality light fixtures commonly installed right next to them. Installation instructions and procedures assure that your KSI loudspeakers will stay in the ceiling where they belong.

Q: The other speaker company makes me order 14 parts to install a ceiling or wall mount loudspeaker. What do I have to order with a KSI Loudspeaker?
A: All KSI loudspeakers are shipped complete and ready to install. Everything you need is included. The only optional items are 70 volt transformers if needed.

Q: How long will it take to install a KSI 2×2 Ceiling Loudspeaker?
A: There is no need to cut any ceiling tiles. The average time to actually install a KSI 2×2 ceiling loudspeaker is about 15 minutes.

Q: How much do KSI loudspeakers cost?
A: KSI loudspeakers range in list price from $128.00 to more than $1500.00. You can be sure KSI will have a model that meets your technical requirements as well as budgetary requirements.