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KSI Presentation Furniture – Frequently Asked Questions

Will you help me decide which KSI product is right for my job?
Of course, we are here to help you. We have over 30 years experience in the design and fabrication of premium products for the audio visual industry.

Can I make changes in a design to suit my requirements?
Yes. The extent of available changes and alterations depends on the product you have selected. We will be happy to assist you in making changes and alterations. To prevent and errors or omissions, we ask that changes be done in advance of fabricating your order.

I have a custom color I want to match. Can you do this?
Yes. We offer two options for this service. You must send us a sample of what you wish to match. We will blend a color and apply it to your order using our professional discretion during the finishing process to achieve a commercially acceptable color match. If you require more exactness, you can request a control sample for your approval. In both cases, we will use our proprietary finishing process.

Will you start on my order before I send you a color sample, dimensional data or other items you have requested?
Unfortunately, we can not schedule your order for production until we receive a complete order from you. A complete order will eliminate errors and/or omissions and will assure you that you receive what you expect.

How much does KSI furniture cost?
That depends on the product line and options you have selected. Our products are competitively priced and value engineered. With KSI products, you always get a quality product at a competitive price.

The local cabinet guy says he can build my lectern in 1 week at half the price!  What is that all about?
Our production times are realistic and are based on the fundamental belief that Quality is everything. We will not substitute substandard materials, cut corners, leave steps out or just “let it go” for any reason or for anybody. Only quality materials and skilled craftsman are employed in the manufacture of every KSI product. You know what you’re getting with KSI, with the cabinet guy, it’s pot luck.