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KSI Professional Loudspeakers for Ceiling, Wall and Near Field Applications



For more than 30 years, KSI Professional has been manufacturing professional loudspeaker systems known for their unique style, accurate acoustical design and unsurpassed performance. Today’s digital audio visual systems require even more from your loudspeakers. Our state-of-the-art manufacture and design technology assures you that KSI loudspeakers will meet and exceed your highest expectations.

Thousands of KSI Professional loudspeaker systems have been installed successfully in many of the world’s top corporations, government facilities, institutions of higher learning and private residences.


Series IV KSI Loudspeakers utilize State-of-the-art Components

All KSI Series IV loudspeakers share the same
components allowing them to be used in perfect
unison with each other. Our 5.25” through 8”
bass mid transducers offer smooth midrange
performance with powerful bass response
through the use of our optimally tuned passive
radiators. 10” and 12” transducers offer solid
powerful bass response in optimally vented
enclosures. High frequencies are handled by 1”
soft dome, 1” titanium or 25mm horn loaded
fabric dome transducers. When combined with
premium grade crossover devices and rock
solid cabinet construction, all KSI loudspeakers
offer unbelievable sound quality, wide and even
dispersion, very wide frequency response and
high power capacity.

Series IV 2×2 Grid Ceiling Loudspeakers

From our 12-1CS subwoofer to our best selling
8081-CS, all KSI Series IV 2×2 ceiling
loudspeakers offer smooth and powerful
performance, and give you a wide range of
choices for lecture halls, conference rooms, a-v
theatres, and any installation demanding superb
sound quality with pleasing architectural
All KSI Series IV 2×2 ceiling loudspeakers are
engineered with the “quietest” backboxes in the
industry. This is essential in noise sensitive
environments with open ceilings. All KSI 2×2
loudspeakers come complete with an acoustically
transparent grille and the easy to install package
is delivered completely assembled to save you
time and money.

 Series IV Wall Mount Loudspeakers

When upscale facilities require high end wall
mount loudspeakers, KSI Series IV loudspeakers
are the solution for superb performance. Our
retrofit wall mount systems are designed to
quickly and easily install in drywall and other flat
substrates. Pre-construction models feature
“quiet” backboxes yielding the same high end
performance as our ceiling mount and near field
loudspeakers. After installation, only the grille is
visible assuring a sleek, clean appearance.

 Series IV Near Field Loudspeakers

Using the same premium components as our
other loudspeakers, KSI Near Field
Loudspeakers will meet the demands of
today’s digital technology. KSI’s solution is
ideal for any installation demanding superb
sound quality and high performance. Audio
visual theatres, high tech conference rooms
and private residences are great benefactors
of KSI’s Near Field Loudspeakers.