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List Price Each: $560.00


The KSI Series IV 811-HP is a companion to our popular 8081-CS-HP in our line of near field loudspeakers. The 811-HP has been developed to meet the demands of today’s digital technology and is the perfect choice for corporate, government, retail, private residences and any installation demanding superb sound quality in a compact stand alone cabinet.



The 811-HP offers smooth midrange performance with powerful bass response through the use of our cast frame 8” bass mid transducer and 10” optimally tuned passive radiator. Our 8” transducer features a lightweight mica filled cone providing exceptional voice and music intelligibility. High frequencies are handled by our 25mm horn loaded dome tweeter, providing very smooth upper octave response for an “open” sound quality with wide dynamic range. We have improved our proprietary filter network using very high tolerance components which are inaudible at the crossover frequency. This provides outstanding clarity and coherence with very wide frequency response and high power capacity. This careful attention to detail has led to a loudspeaker with outstanding clarity and coherence along with very wide frequency response and high power capacity. Our CNC routing machinery enables us to fabricate the 811-HP enclosure to the tightest tolerances. High strength to weight ratio and the absence of vibration in the enclosure means you hear only the highest quality audio, not rattles, buzzes or squeaks. And all of our transducers are fully sealed to the enclosure with silicone sealant for a complete air tight seal. This attention to detail greatly improves the overall performance of the 811-HP making it rival loudspeakers costing much more.



All KSI ceiling and wall mount loudspeakers may be used in combination with the 811-HP, providing unlimited solutions for your audio environment. Installation of the 811-HP is fast and simple, saving you precious time and money for fast and easy installation.