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KSI WMBB Series 4 BackBox Wall and Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers

KSI WM Series 4 Wall and Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers offer the same high end acoustical performance as our 2×2 grid ceiling loudspeakers. All models provide wide frequency response with extended low end response, high power capacity and wide even dispersion. Applications include corporate, educational, government and retail installation. Backboxes are designed to mount in 2×4 wall cavities for the 5″ and 6″ models or 2×6 wall cavities for the 8″ models, all on 16”centers.

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501wmbb 601wmbb

90 watts – 501-WMBB

2×4 Wall Cavity

100 watts – 601-WMBB

2×4 Wall Cavity

801wmbb 811wmbb

100 watts – 801-WMBB

2×6 Wall Cavity

High Performance – 200 watt – 811-WMBB-HP

2×6 Wall Cavity