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CSD swivel grid pic

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KSI CSD-SW Series IV ceiling mount loudspeakers offer a unique wedge design that hangs below the ceiling grid and can swivel 360°. All KSI CSD-SW Series IV loudspeakers provide an opportunity to refine the directionality of your design without the constraints of the ceiling grid. The KSI CSD-SW series IV loudspeakers are also ideal as a solution for limited space above the ceiling grid, only requiring 2″ above the grid.
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100 watt – 6061-CSD-SW, 6061-CSD-SW-FR 100 watt – 8081-CSD-SW, 8081-CSD-SW-FR
High Performance – 200watt – 8081-CSD-SW-HP,  8081-CSD-SW-HP-FR