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KSI Premier Line™ Lecterns with Sound Systems

KSI Premier Line™ Lecterns are available with built in sound systems for applications in schools, museums, and other portable applications.  The standard system features a 6 input 100 watt mixer amplifier paired with our KSI 811-HP loudspeakers.  This combination provides unsurpassed clarity and definition for demanding speech and music presentations.  A super-carioid condenser microphone minimizes feedback which may occur due to the close proximity of the microphone and the loudspeaker.
L10025SS A Features shown on this model to the left:


  • 25″w x 23-½” d x 48″ h exterior
  • Flat charcoal matrix work surface
  • Gooseneck reading lamp
  • Super-Cardioid condenser microphone
  • KSI 811-HP Loudspeaker mounted in the front
  • 100 watt 6 input mixer/amp
  • Side access panel
  • 11 space rack mount
  • Rear locking doors
  • Ventilation fan
  • Ventilation grill on the bottom
  • Cable management throughout
  • Electrical inlet w/6 outlet strip
  • Heavy duty recessed swivel casters (4)
  • Finish shown is A-1 grade plain sliced white maple with KSI clear natural finish
More Views of the above lectern  – Click on any Image to Enlarge
L10025SS B L10025SS C L10025SS D L10025SS E
Presenter’s view
Presenter’s view – closed
Side access panel
Side access – open
We can manufacture any of our Lecterns with sound systems and add your corporate or government identity as well.  Any combination is possible as shown below.  Just give us a call or e-mail and we will assist you in making your selection.
L10032 marine a L10032 marine b L10025SS beech A L10025SS beech B
Marine Corps
Marine Corps – rear view  L-100-25SS in Beech L-100-25SS in Beech – rear view
L10038SSb L10038SSc L50038 nih a L50038 nih b
Homeland Security Homeland Security – rear view NIH  NIH – rear view
 FED ex lectern