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KSI Series 4 Wall & Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers


KSI Series IV Retro-Fit Wall Mount Loudspeakers

The 501-WM, 601-WM, 801-WM and 811-WMHP Series IV loudspeakers are designed to quickly mount in existing flat substrates up to 2” thick. The wall cavity becomes the back box which provides sufficient acoustical loading.


KSI Series IV Pre-Construction Wall Mount Loudspeakers

The KSI 501-WMBB, 601-WMBB, 801-WMBB and 811-WMBB-HP feature sealed backboxes yielding the same high performance as our 2×2 grid ceiling loudspeakers. Backboxes are designed to mount in 2×4 wall cavities for the 5″ and 6″ models or 2×6 wall cavities for the 8″ models on 16”centers.




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