KSI 8081-CSD-HP-SW, 8081-CSD-HP-SW-FR Series 4Fire retardant button

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2×2 Grid Swivel Ceiling Mount Loudspeaker in White

List Price – 8081-CSD-HP-SW: $850.00 each, 8081-CSD-HP-SW-FR with Duraflake FR: $1006.00 each

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The KSI Series IV 8081-CSD-HP-SW 2×2 grid adjustable swivel ceiling mount loudspeaker is a high fidelity loudspeaker and the companion to our popular 8081-CS-HP. The unique and innovative design of the 8081-CSD-HP-SW makes it a perfect choice for corporate, government, retail and any installation demanding superb sound quality with pleasing architectural appearance.


The 8081-CSD-HP-SW allows the user precise control of the acoustical sound field through the use of KSI’s innovative adjustable swivel mounting system. Now, you can adjust the loudspeaker around a 90 degree center axis, thereby guaranteeing optimal acoustical performance. Adjustments are made simple and quick with the use of a standard hex wrench. Once the rotation has been determined, the installer simply tightens a single securing bolt to lock the 8081-CSD-HP-SW in place. This unique feature will permit all of your ceiling installations to have unparalled performance with simplicity of installation.


The 8081-CSD-HP-SW offers the same audio specifications and performance as the 8081-CS-HP and is optionally available fabricated from Duraflake fire rated particle board by ordering part number             8081-CSD-HP-SW-FR.