Premium Quality Lecterns featuring Real Wood Veneers, Solids, Metals and Laminates
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KSI Premier Line Lecterns ™ offers you premium quality with our extensive selection of options, accessories and finishes.  We can customize each lectern to meet your exacting expectations and specifications and are happy to assist consultants, architects, and end users during any stage of your job to assure you receive exactly what you want.   We can also manufacture and add your corporate, government or educational identity logo to any piece for a truly professional look.
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KSI Statesman Lecterns L10025 KSI Congressional 1 L20025 KSI Executive Lectern 1 L40025
L-100 Series Statesman Lecterns L-200 Series Congressional Lecterns L-400 Series Executive Lecterns
KSI Delegate 1 L50025 KSI Pedestal L60025 KSI Presidential Lectern
L-500 Series Delegate Lecterns L-600 Series Pedestal Lecterns
L-700 Series Presidential Lecterns
KSI Diplomat 1 KSI Congressional Table Top Aluminum 1
L-800 Series Diplomat Lecterns Table Top Lecterns Aluminum 1
KSI Statesman 30 KSI Statesman 35 KSI Statesman 36
Statesman Lectern 30 Statesman Lectern 35 Statesman Lectern 36
Aluminum 3 Birdseye Maple KSI Congressional 14
Aluminum 3 Lectern Birdseye Maple Lectern Congressional 14 Lectern
 KSI Congressional 4  KSI Congressional 15  KSI Delegate 42
Congressional 4 Lectern Congressional 15 Lectern Delegate 42 Lectern
 KSI Statesman 38  KSI Bow Front PD72BC  KSI Congressional 16
Statesman 38 Lectern PD-72BC Bow Front Lectern Congressional 16 Lectern
 KSI Delegate 20  KSI Delegate 16  KSI Delegate 12
Delegate 20 Lectern Delegate 16 Lectern Delegate 12 Lectern
LMSU25 Pedestal Lectern LMSU32 Column Lectern L-500-32/BLK Delegate Lectern
 KSI Delegate 21  KSI Delegate 5  KSI Statesman 23
Delegate 21 Lectern Delegate 5 Lectern Statesman 23 Lectern
KSI Delegate 59C KSI Delegate 21 Statesman 12EL
Delegate 59C Lectern Delegate 21 Lectern Statesman 12EL Lectern