KSI CSD Series 4 Fixed Directional Firing 2×2 Ceiling Speakers

CSD Grid pic
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KSI CSD™ Series IV directional firing ceiling mount loudspeakers offer a unique wedge design that hangs below the ceiling grid, providing very wide horizontal dispersion. All KSI CSD™ Series IV loudspeakers are ideal for front of room applications, perimeter surround applications, or any situation requiring a focused sound field. Installation is fast and easy without cutting tiles and subsequent cleanup.

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6061csdcombine 8081csdcombine
100 watt – 6061-CSD, 6061-CSD-FR  100 watt – 8081-CSD, 8081-CSD-FR
High Performance – 200 watt – 8081-CSD-HP, 8081-CSD-HP-FR